I Got A Tatt Pt. 1

“You are special because I made you. And I don’t make mistakes.”   — “You Are Special” by Max Lucado

You are not enough! You are not a good enough athlete to start on your college basketball team. You are not a creative enough writer for people to want to read your blog. You are not worthy enough for your dreams to come true. You are not vocal enough to be a successful leader. You are not enough!

Since my identity is in Jesus and not the world I am aware that those above thoughts are just lies, but that hasn’t always been the case. Before I began to walk in my identity as a daughter of the King I would let those lies hinder me. The lies affected the way I saw myself, what I accepted from other people, and the dreams that I never dreamed. I simply wasn’t walking in the purpose that I was created for. 

A couple of months ago the Lord constantly put the word enough on my heart. Being enough has been something I’ve struggled with most of my life. The Lord in His loving kindness sweetly reminded me this summer again and again that I am enough when I was tempted to believe that I wasn’t enough. And as a result I got my first tattoo, the word enough, tattooed on the inside of my wrist.

This tattoo is a sweet reminder that I am enough, and that I am fearfully and wonderfully made by my Creator (Psalm 139:14). Nothing about me has been done or is done by accident. My height, my kinky hair, my quirky personality, my sometimes extreme introversion, are characteristics of myself that were intentionally given to me. 

To think of myself as not enough is to say that God made a mistake when He created me in my mothers womb (Psalm 139:13). It is to say that I am not the masterpiece that the Lord says I am (Ephesians 2:10). The God that I know and serve makes absolutely no mistakes, and that includes you and me.

In his children’s book, “You Are Special”, author Max Lucado tells the story about Punchinello, the wooden Wemmick who doesn’t believe he is good enough. One day Punchinello ends up meeting his creator who lovingly reminds him of how precious he is in his creator’s eyes. Through spending daily time with his creator Punchinello begins to see himself through his creators eyes rather than his own eyes and the eyes of other Wemmicks. Punchinello’s creator tells him, “You are special because I made you. And I don’t make mistakes.”

“You Are Special” is one of my favorite books and I hope you see why. Punchinello is me, and maybe you too. More times than I would like to admit the temptation to believe, and sometimes the actual belief, that I am not good enough resides in my mind. But like Punchinello when I am tempted to believe the lie that I am not good enough I must rest in who my Creator says I am. In Psalm 139:14 His word says, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” That includes you and me my friend; we are fearfully and wonderfully made by a God that loves and cares for us more than we will ever know.

The next time, and the time after, and the time after that, that I am tempted to think that I am not enough I will challenge myself to see myself the way my Creator does. I will no longer allow the lie to hinder my life and the purpose God has for me. I invite you to do the same. I invite you to remember that you are special because God made you and that He made absolutely no mistake when He created you.

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