About Me

EMMA+FRIENDS-100My name is Gabrielle Moni(que).  I currently reside in my hometown of Los Angeles. I just moved back home from Tempe, Arizona in July and am getting used to the being back in the big, beautiful city.

I was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles which is where my love for Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles and donuts developed. As a child I was known as being super shy except with my family and sports. Since about the 7th grade I knew I would get a college scholarship for basketball but I had no idea how that would alter the rest of my life.

I attended San Diego State University on scholarship and that is when my love for Jesus first began. Having grown up going to church I always knew about Jesus but I never understood the depth of the sacrifice that He paid for me. Although I was a Division 1 basketball player at SDSU and won many championships, gaining my relationship with Jesus was the best thing about my time as a collegiate student-athlete.


Why the blog?

The past two years I have been fortunate to grow and do life with some amazing women that have challenged me to get out of my comfort zone and be vulnerable. As I have stepped into vulnerable spaces I have noticed how so many other people have the same feelings, thoughts, and doubts that I do. This realization is what led be to begin this blog, to be able to express myself with the hopes that others can relate to my words and also be able to express themselves.

This is a space to process and share whatever the Lord puts on my heart. It can be anything from my identity in Christ to something dealing with race, power, and culture. In my hopes to hold nothing back, this is a space for me to be fully known.

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